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Despite the bounty of food here in the United States, one of our most complex and serious problems is hunger.   You can help to solve the hunger problem  by having a food drive.  A food drive is a great way to increase the supply of food and resources to help those in need and it can be held at anytime of the year.  Your help can make the difference in the amount and variety of foods we are able to distribute to feed the hungry. 

People sometimes want to give a financial donation if they cannot give food items and that's a great idea! By encouraging financial donations along with We Care, Inc.'s relationship with the food industry, we are able to a provide one  meal for as little as $1.  The Steps below will help you have a successful Food Drive.

Step 1.  Plan Ahead!  Select a leadership committee to plan the food drive, manage the communications, logistics and set goals.  Determine the timing of the food drive, such as a holiday, special event, etc. to provide a theme.  It is best to limit the period of time of a drive to add energy and a sense of urgency....such as a particular day or week. Determine the types of food you wish to collect.  You are encouraged to promote the collection of nutritious foods or you may consider hosting a "special" food drive and collect one type of food, such as peanut butter  or canned beans.   Determine the quantity of the following items you will need: Containers for collecting food, posters, letters, emails, etc. for generating awareness and interest.  Money containers for participants who may want to make a financial donation.

2. Set your goal.  Determine your goal for pounds, number of boxes or even number of cans of food collected and for the dollars collected. Aim high, but be realistic, too!  If you did a food drive last year, set this year’s goal above last year’s.  For fun, consider a competition among departments, groups, floors, buildings, classes, etc.

3. Get company management involved.  Consider a “matching program” in which your company will match each pound or dollar you collect with its own donation of food or dollars.  Incorporate a volunteer component in which company leadership and employees volunteer their time to sort food collected from the food drive. 

4. Promote your food drive.  Getting the word out is one of the most important factors in a successful food drive.  People must know about it to participate.  Consider launching the food drive at a special event such as a breakfast, lunch or afternoon break.  Hang up signs, send letters or e-mails, post it on your web site, in company newsletters or bulletins.  Identify or decorate collection containers and place in prominent locations.  Create a tracking and information system to keep participants updated about progress.  Develop a one-page flier describing the food drive.  Make copies of it and a sample food list.  Give a copy of your flier and food list to your contacts.

5. Transporting the donation
Transportation is a significant cost and it is very challenging for us to arrange, we encourage you to bring your donation directly to We Care, Inc.  Prior to delivering your donation, please contact our office to schedule a donation receiving date and time.  

If you have collected an excess of two standard truckloads of food and are unable to donate the transportation for your food drive, we will make arrangements to pick up your donation as soon as possible, depending on the availability of our transportation.