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We Care, Inc.'s FADPAC (Food Assistance Distribution Package) provides emergency food assistance and other services to persons in need.  The ultimate goal is to have enough resources to provide the FADPAC on the last Saturday of each month when most people have the highest need.  Currently We Care, Inc.'s FADPAC program is able to meet the needs of approximately 1,200 persons quarterly on the 4th Saturday of the month. 

Whom do we help?  Anyone in need of a FADPAC should contact our office as indicated in the "FADPAC Assistance Guidelines'.  Anyone who comes to the FADPAC for the first time with proper identification will be provided with a FADPAC.  When long-term assistance is necessary, We Care, Inc. will  also provide information regarding aid from other agencies. 

FADPAC recipients are required to complete an application that helps the FADPAC track its resources.  FADPAC recipients are required to provide proof of income eligibility in order to receive assistance.

The FADPAC is designed to provide one FADPAC per household or shared kitchen. Persons residing in the same household and sharing a kitchen will receive a FADPAC as ONE household.

How can you help?  The need for this program is very great.  When funds are short, FADPAC items must be omitted from the list of foods being distributed at that time.  When this happens, the FADPACs being distributed are not as nutritionally balanced.  With your help, the FADPAC can maintain a desirable inventory of foods and continue to render a service necessary to our community.

There are several ways you can help to meet the nutritional needs of others:

Have a food drive

Make a monetary donation to the FADPAC

Bring a food donation to our office

Become a FADPAC Volunteer 

Make a monetary donation to the FADPAC-We Care, Inc.'s FADPAC program purchases food in large quantities at significant discounts.  A tax deductible monetary gift to We Care, Inc. FADPAC is an excellent way to optimize the effectiveness of a contribution.  For more information, please visit the Donate Now Section of this website.

Have a food drive - A food drive is a great way to increase the supply of food and resources to help those in need and it can be held at anytime of the year.  Your help can make the difference in the amount and variety of foods we are able to distribute to feed the hungry.  For more information, please visit the Food Drive Section of this website. 

Operating cost of the FADPAC.  We Care, Inc.'s FADPAC program periodically receives contributions of food from food drives, businesses and individuals.  We Care, Inc. has gloves available for purchase during training classes to assist with the operation of FADPAC.  100% of all cash donations are used to purchase food to feed the hungry.    For more information, please visit the DONATE NOW Section of this website.  The FADPAC program DOES NOT receive any government or United Way funds.